10 Unique Destinations To Consider Today

The best way to use your money is to spend it on a new experience such as traveling to a unique destination. Whether you’re a solo traveler or you’ve got friends and family with you, these unique destinations will show everyone a breathtaking experience. Below are 10 places that you should consider visiting, especially if you want a unique traveling experience with fewer tourists.


Also known as the land of smiles, Thailand has amazing people that treat you with respect and are very helpful. Here is a breakdown of Thailand's unique attractions according to the region:

The north is famous for hill tribes, elephants, and adventure trekking. Central Thailand is filled with Buddhist temples, old buildings, and jungle forests. The south has magnificent beaches, and the east lets you experience the Khmer culture.

Although Thailand is heavily commercialized as a preferred destination, it remains one of the most beautiful places on earth. Also, the site is very budget-friendly.

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Bordered by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Yemen is very different from its neighbors. The country's archaeological sites have been used to explain how early civilizations lived.

In Yemen, there's a place called Socotra. Socotra seems like a scene from a science fiction film, for example, plants have weird shapes. The experience will be something else.

Another interesting thing to note is that Yemen has a lovely beach on Socotra island. After the tour, you can go for a swim at Arher Beach.

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Singapore is ranked number one in providing the best investment potential and is also ranked number 3 in foreign trade and investments in economic performance. However, this country is not all work. There are many attractions to make your trip fun and memorable.

If you love nature, you can visit Singapore's verdant parks strategically located within the city and on the outskirts. Alternatively, you could try local delicacies at hawker centers. You can also visit the historic Raffles hotel built in 1887.

The city is immaculate and full of festivals. Whether you plan on traveling alone or with family, you will enjoy Singapore.

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This South American country is a rare gem. Blessed with magnificent landscapes and a rich history and cultural attractions, Peru has something to offer all kinds of travelers.

You can sail in South America's largest lake and the world's highest body of water, Lake Titicaca. Alternatively, you can travel up the mountains and visit the famous Machu Picchu. If you are a foodie, you should visit Lima.

Peruvians are generally calm and friendly, which makes them easy to approach and ask questions. Use this opportunity to learn more about their culture and to create new friendships.

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In 2017, the Philippines was among the top three growth performers in the region the Philippines, so the economy has seen a fairly positive boost in recent years. Many of the workers are being paid better, and it’s leading toward happier, more fulfilled citizens. Additionally, tourism does play a big part in their economy so you should definitely add them to your travel list.

It is perfectly normal for you to visit a masseuse at least once per week in the Philippines. In fact, it's part of the culture. Many citizens go for a compulsory massage four times a month.

Also, if you have never seen an active volcano and wish to view one, this is the place to be. The Philippines have 25 active volcanoes. Another unique attraction is tarsiers, which are the smallest primates in the world.

You can't talk about this country without mentioning their beautiful beaches. Made up of more than 7000 islands, the country's resort options are endless.

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Sri Lanka

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is very diverse regarding nature. This island nation has a beautiful coastline, scenic tea plantations, and peaceful mountains.

Sri Lanka is rather small, making movement from one place to another very easy, for example, you can be at the beach in the morning, and find yourself on top of a mountain in the afternoon.

Sri Lanka's environment is tranquil and calm, offering the perfect atmosphere for a quiet getaway where you can watch elephants roam.

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This small European country can surprise you. Bordering both Russia and Finland, Estonia has a rich history. For example, the country was always under foreign rule until it gained its independence in 1991.

Whenever you hear of a holiday destination in Europe, you think of crowded streets, especially during the summer. However, Estonia is not like that. The roads are hardly crowded, even during tourist season.

If you are not into museums and historical landmarks, you can visit Estonia's scenic countryside. Take a drive into the interior and enjoy nature at its purest form.

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Vatican City

Often considered the smallest independent state on the planet, Vatican city is ideal for art lovers and enthusiasts. This small country is full of amazing paintings from the baroque and renaissance era.

If you want to learn a little bit about Europe's history and the origins of Catholicism, the Vatican is the place to be. Discover the people that contributed to modern civilization in Europe and what they had to go through by visiting a Vatican museum.

If you are more of a nature lover, the Vatican gardens won't disappoint. They are perfectly trimmed, green, and filled with flower varieties.

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Although this country is located just below the arctic circle, it's much warmer than New York in the winter. Despite receiving a few days of sunlight every year, Iceland is surprisingly green.

Your trip to Iceland is bound to be memorable whether you go there in the winter or summer. You will see the northern lights like you've never seen them before, and you'll be astounded by its beauty.

Alternatively, you can decide to enroll at an elf school and learn more about elves in the Icelandic culture.

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Often considered the home of Formula One racing, Monaco is a lively destination. From the beautiful hotels to the grassy hillsides, which are perfect for cycling, your trip to Monaco will be full of activities.

If you have ever wondered what the bottom of the Mediterranean sea looks like, the oceanographic museum in Monaco will show you. The site has an underground aquarium featuring more than 6000 species.

Monaco also gives you the chance to enjoy the French Riviera without any interference from other tourists.

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Where Will You Go?

Most of the places on this list are budget-friendly, meaning that you can bring someone along with you to share the unique experience. Don’t keep putting off that trip you always wanted to take. This list has some really unique travel ideas that will expose you to the various cultures, languages, and wonders of the world. You’re guaranteed to never regret a cultural experience like this.