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3 Pieces of Buddhist Philosophy That Will Help Build Positivity

Buddhist philosophy imparts a great deal of wisdom, from how to accept suffering to how to be kinder to others. It can also help to build positivity through filtering out harmful thoughts and action. It's more than simply forcing yourself to think positively. To truly benefit from Buddhist philosophy, use these tips to bring positivity into your life.

Remove the 3 Poisons

Buddhist philosophy teaches how much suffering is rooted in attachment. One of the biggest attachments people have is to negative feelings. The 3 Poisons are greed, hatred, and delusion. These manifest in your mind and poison your outlook. In order to be a positive person, you need to expel them from your mindset. Continued awareness of them weakens their power over you. It's a gradual process, but one that is absolutely worth it.

If You Change Yourself, You Can Change Your World

Many of us have dreamed of changing our environment, yet we fail to see how much we need to change ourselves. The people who make a difference in their world are ones who first saw how they could better themselves. If everything seems hopeless, check first to see if you're not just projecting your own bleak view of the world. It's rather astonishing how much better your experiences can be when you have an unspoiled mind. Challenges seem less difficult to overcome, because you don't feel defeated by them. You instead come to see them as opportunities for growth. If you find yourself addicted to something in your life, the Four Noble Truths of Life are especially relevant in changing your path in life. Taking care of yourself can help others as well. When you're good to yourself, you have a greater desire to be good to others.

Thoughts Are Only Thoughts

We identify with thoughts so much that we believe them to be true. However, many of them are so rooted in assumption and misunderstanding that it's a wonder we believe them at all. When a negative thought strikes, take a moment to examine it. Consider how it makes you feel, how it manifested, and whether you know it to be true. With enough practice, you'll find yourself extinguishing negative thoughts well before they have any opportunity to wreak havoc. As you distance yourself from your thoughts, you can better embrace the present moment and all the opportunities it provides.

You've had to contend with negativity for so long that you've probably begun to see it as an inevitability. Buddhist philosophy teaches us that positivity is as much of a reality as we choose to make it. When you are of the mind that you can have a calmer and more optimistic outlook and will do what it takes to make that possible, everything around you can be so much more enlightening.

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