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3 Ways You Can Ward off Negative Energy

If you've been dealing with changes in your life or if everything has been feeling off, perhaps you've amassed some negative energy that you need to shake. Negativity energy can hang around just about anywhere from your home furnishings and clothing to personal items and people themselves. If you suspect there's some negative energy you need to rid yourself of, here are three simple ways to cleanse your space and personal energy of negativity.

Burn White Sage

White sage smudging sticks can be purchased most anywhere either locally or online. Light up one with a match and walk with it through your house, slowly rotating it in a counterclockwise motion to send its purifying smoke into all areas of your space. White sage has been used for generations for clearing negativity and stagnant energy from dwellings, spaces, belongings, and people. When using this method, you might even say aloud that you're clearing away all negative energy and only allowing positive energy and vibrations to remain in your domain.

Don't forget to use the stick for your person before you're done. Begin at your feet, swirling the smoke from the stick around you until you reach the top of your head.

Embrace Joy

Joy is one of the most powerful states of being we can embrace, and it can be very healing. Joy is often at the top of our list of things to attain but it can actually be ours to reach for whenever we like.

Negativity can't coexist in a space with love and joy so make space to do more of the things that make your heart happy. You can keep negative energy at bay by performing positive acts. If there's a book you've been wanting to read, a family recipe that you've been wanting to make, or someone you've been meaning to call, do it. Make time to do the things that you love and to connect with those you love. Be sure to slow down every now and then. Slowly, you'll feel any negativity dissipate and slowly vanish from your space. By setting aside regular time for the things you love and enjoy, you'll make it hard for negativity to return.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to clean a space? Even if it's just the top of your desk at home or the office, you feel considerably better once it's done. Energy lingers in objects, particularly older items. The type of energy attached to everyday items can sometimes be such that they hinder our path moving forward.

Letting go of things that you no longer need or necessarily want can be freeing and make room for new opportunities to venture into your life. Take a moment to evaluate everything in your space and clear up the clutter. If it isn't bringing you joy, consider donating, selling, giving to a friend, or tossing if it's no longer usable

Using the three methods above, you can do much to remove lingering negative energy from your environment. Yet, it's important to remember to take responsibility for your own thoughts, moods, and actions. Keep in mind that positive energy starts with you.

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