5 Breathtaking Destinations In Africa

(Image Credit: Cape Town Waterfront Villas and Apartments)

Overflowing with abundant natural wonders, a traveler would be hard pressed to list every fantastic bit of flora and fauna waiting to be discovered on the mineral-rich continent of Africa. There is no place on Earth quite like it. It’s an area rich in traditional culture, yet on the move towards a modern industrial future. If you’re seeking to discover more about this ancient land and some of its more sublime natural plus human-made wonders. Read on for our rundown of stunning historical sights, outstanding antiquities and spectacular towns awaiting discovery in Africa.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Located in Namibia along Africa’s southwestern tip, Sossusvlei is one of Namibia’s most well-known attractions. Encircled by massive red dunes, the area looks like a giant salt and clay pan whose temperate climate makes it a great destination year-round. Sossusvlei is a photographic wonderland where photo hounds will discover an area that is among one of the most photographed in the world. Travelers looking for a study in contrasts are sure to want to visit Sesriem Canyon where the Tsaucbab river has carved ancient rock formations eons old where water can be discovered year-around.

Samburu, Kenya

More experienced visitors to Africa will want to discover Samburu. Located in the arid savannah of Kenya, Samburu national reserve is at the heart of the Ewaso Ngiro river. Samburu offers visitors ample opportunities to discover the big game of Africa, and it is an area of diverse savannas and forests where travelers seeking to experience a once-in-a-lifetime safari will be well pleased by the natural wonders around them. However, Samburu isn’t just for exploring by jeep. The area is easily explored on foot and by mountain bike where a range of adventure activities wait to be found such as big cat tracking safaris, camelback riding and much more.

Cape Town, South Africa

Diverse in cultures, landscapes and surrounded by a singular beauty, not like any other place on Earth, Cape Town awaits the nomadic traveler. Cape Town is overflowing with natural wonders to discover, however, the first image that comes to mind is often Table Mountain. The flat-topped mountain overlooks the city below like a silent sentinel to an area rich in natural bio-diversity and hard-won peaceful multicultural experience that makes the town a wonder to behold. There is so much to experience and do from abseiling off Table Mountain, learning to sail on the cape to visiting the Stellanbosch Winelands, Cape Town is a place of determined trailblazers seeking to make their dreams come true.

Djenne, Mali

Centuries-old unspoiled earthen buildings baked under the warm African sun are one of the highlights to visit in the West African area of Djenne. The UNESCO world heritage site is remarkable due to thousands of red tinted adobe buildings that lay throughout the area. It is known as one of the oldest cities in Sub-Saharan Africa, created by traveling merchants in 800 A.D. the area was meeting place for traders from the deserts of Sudan.

The mysteries of African civilizations lay in the libraries of Timbuktu; however, the area is struggling through conflict. But, it doesn’t lessen the magic that is Djenne where rich natural beauty still waits to be found.

High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Known as the mountain of mountains to local Berber tribes, Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains are a trekker’s paradise enclosing eons old Marrakech to the south and Khenifra to the northeast. Nomadic travelers will discover a network of fertile valleys throughout the area from rivers flowing towards Marrakech to extraordinary places to hike in places that cabs and other types of vehicle transportation as not seen. Berber communities are latest guides to the area’s abundant cycling trails forests of Ifrane National Park where a visit isn’t just about the cycling, but the experience of melding cultures.

There you have it our picks for amazing destinations for adventurous spirits in Africa. A visit to Africa isn’t just an adventure for the body, and it’s an adventure for the mind on a continent where the old and new rest at crossroads of modern adaptation and ancient history. The residents of Africa are a diverse mixture of tribes, cultures, and influences from native Africans to the more recent influx of Indian and Chinese labors. Travel nomads seeking an experience of a lifetime would be hard pressed to find a better memory to create than in Africa, a continent on the rise.


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