5 Surprisingly Awesome Vacation Destinations

With summer looming, many people are considering their vacation possibilities. The famous places are probably already crowded, though, and no one wants to deal with the crowds that are bound to b . In order to stay away from the masses, here are five surprisingly awesome vacation destinations to keep in mind.

Jersey Shore

Many people will be surprised to realize that the Jersey Shore is actually a pretty cool place to visit. The famous reality TV show by the same name gave this stretch of beach an unfortunately bad image. The truth is, the Jersey Shore has been a popular vacation destination for well before that show aired. The area is known for pristine beaches, beautiful waters and orange sunsets.

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The Hamptons

The Hamptons are often associated with the wealthy elite or celebrities. However, there are some very affordable rental options in this part of New York. The Hamptons are a great place to relax and disconnect from the hassle of everyday life. Most of the homes and hotels on in the Hamptons offer a very relaxing atmosphere. Being only a short distance from New York City, this vacation spot is a natural connection.

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Not many people consider the midwest when planning for a vacation. Michigan offers a range of holiday possibilities such as pristine lakes, skiing opportunities, sand dunes, and more. For such a small state, Michigan packs quite a punch in regards to available activities. Perhaps the best part of this destination is the lack of tourists.

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Houston sits just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico and has been ranked number 7 for ease of travel and cost. The city of Houston is renowned for having a wide variety of quality food and snacks. Food trucks are a frequent sight in Houston. When the city has become enough, beaches are just a short drive away.

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Outer Banks

The Outer Banks of North Carolina have been growing in popularity in recent years. Similar to the Hamptons, this stretch of islands is home to some eclectic style housing and other upscale features. It is common to rent out these houses with a large party for a week or so at a time. There are several quaint towns nearby that are perfect for an evening stroll. The beaches are pristine as much of the property is private and not ruined by too much tourism.

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Going on vacation can be quite frustrating at times, flights can be long and dreary, and the expenses themselves can have you feeling the stress you originally wanted to get away from. But there are plenty of awesome locations at decent prices! These five vacation destinations are surprisingly impressive and can help narrow the search even faster, and when you do choose, be sure to check out some of our cool travel gear such as a traveling Japanese kimono set, or a stylish travel backpack.