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How to Get the Most Out Of Your Yoga

Practicing yoga has a wide variety of benefits, such as building strength and improved flexibility. Some of these benefits include increased flexibility, weight loss, muscle toning, and improved respiration. With so many fantastic perks, yoga is a great routine to add to your life.

To get the most out of your yoga practice, you will want to follow some (if not all) of the tips below.

#1: Set a Time

Set a specific time aside each day and commit to doing yoga. If you are a morning person, yoga is a great way to wake up and start the day. If you are more of a night owl, you can let go of the day’s stresses by practicing before bed. Whichever time is better, be sure to commit.

#2: Use Essential Oils

Set the mood in the room by using an essential oil diffuser. Did you know that certain essential oils can help with certain things? For instance, diffuse frankincense for centering your body. Lavender or chamomile are great for calming. For clearer breathing, peppermint or eucalyptus are best. Decide what you are looking to achieve and diffuse an essential oil to enhance and ground your session, to take you beyond and to enhance the way that you connect with your body and heart.  

#3: Turn Off Your Phone

Whether you turn off your phone or silence it, it is essential to disconnect. Let your mind go and focus on your breathing. If you continue to look at your phone, you will not achieve relaxation or concentration.

#4: Buy Gear

For starters, buy your own yoga mat so that you have a comfortable base. You may also want to invest in some stretchy/flowing yoga pants and a comfy top. Whatever you need to make your practice comfortable, invest in it.

#5: Listen To Your Body

It may be tempting to dive right in and try any poses, but do not push your limits too soon. Yoga takes time to build flexibility. There are plenty of variations for beginners. If it does not feel good, do not do it. You are the master of your practice. Listen to what your body tells you.

#6: Set An Intention

Before you begin, set your intention for this yoga session. It can be anything that is weighing on your mind. Focus on this intention throughout your practice. By doing this, you may become more mindful and aware. This is just one aspect of yoga that sets it apart from other physical activities, so it is important that you make it a part of your routine.


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