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How to Travel With Traditional Film Cameras

As the digital world of photography has gained momentum, there are still many photographers out there who love to shoot film. Many appreciate the art that goes behind not just taking the picture, but of developing. The entire process is an art in itself. Traveling with film cameras can be a little tricky though. It is easy to ruin the film, especially after it has been exposed. Too much radiation or too much heat can destroy the photographs you have captured completely. X-rays are the number one contenders for radiation; this includes X-rays used at the airport during a security check. Here are some tips on how to travel safely with a traditional film camera.   What Exactly do X-rays...

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How to Relax and Find Your Zen on Long Flights

Let's face it: unless you're an aviation enthusiast, flying is probably the least enjoyable part of your trip. Increasingly packed flights, rude fellow flyers, and potential turbulence are just a few things that could zap the anticipation and excitement you feel about getting to the destination. With a few easy steps, however, you could find yourself enjoying your next flight, and even find it to be a more relaxing experience. Here are some ways to cope and find inner peace and more Zen on your next flight.   Enjoy the View Any flight gives you access to views that are impossible from any other venue. Instead of stressing about the conditions on the plane, expand your world, at least figuratively,...

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