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Boho 101: Intro to the Bohemian Lifestyle

In its earliest origins from 19th-century France, “bohemian” was a mistaken term given to Romani gypsies who were thought to have migrated from Bohemia but were not actually native inhabitants of that country. To the French of that time, their nomadic and artisan lifestyle became defining features, and the term soon evolved into what is now a more modern meaning. What Boho Means Today For modern bohemians, the meaning maintains those same historical roots of wanderlust, communal living and artist culture. This adapts into many sub-definitions depending on regional preferences and social trends, but all of those styles embrace freedom of expression and eclectic fashion as common traits. The kind of inclusive outlook towards life that accompanies a traveler's worldly...

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Gypsy Life: How to Live in Caravan-Style

The world wide web has given people almost unlimited access to one another. People can stay in contact for virtually every waking moment and even find friends that they haven't seen in decades. Living life on the road used to be frowned upon, but modern technology can provide an excellent experience for those looking for a nomadic lifestyle. If you are looking to get out on the road, here are some tips to get started.   The Life of a Gypsy in Modern Times The first thing you'll need for your new lifestyle is a viable income. Not everyone can read palms, but you no longer need to. The internet can provide a viable income doing a number of different things....

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