6 Travel Destinations That Will Heal and Renew Your Aura

Many make the mistake of assuming that their aura is just one color representing their emotional and/or spiritual state. But you are a being of complex energy. The human aura is actually composed of 15 layers of color that represent different aspects of your “body” and interact with one another. When these colors become polluted and out of balance, you feel ill or out of balance as well. If you need a reset, pack up your crystals and head to one of these six destinations.

Mount Shasta, California

Mount Shasta in California, USA has a profound spiritual energy palpable as soon as you arrive — in fact, there is Native American lore about this mountain being the center of the universe. Some describe it as a modern-day Olympus or Sinai. Many visitors come because they feel as if the mountain called them, and then choose to spend the rest of their lives there.

Kauai, Hawaii

It is said that each Hawaiian island corresponds to one of the seven chakras; Kauai is the island of the Third Eye — intuition. It’s like a spiritual vortex, almost another dimension that embraces you body and soul with a feminine energy. It’s a great place to go whether you need guidance or peace. Visit Secret Beach and try a cleansing ritual by the ocean rubbing coconut oil and sand along your body to slough off the old and prepare yourself for the new.

Ayers Rock, Australia

Also known as Uluru, this location is protected by the local Mutijulu people as home to an energy vortex along the Dreamtime Track. This unmistakable landmark is decorated by many caves and indigenous rock art, but resist the urge to climb it — not just because it’s a sacred site, but also because it is a very difficult climb, and many have died in the attempt. You are still very welcome to stand and meditate at its base, however. Don’t be surprised if you feel your pain coming away layer by layer as your heart chakra opens to love.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is well-known for its indigenous spiritual healers, making it a place of resort for people whom Western medicine has failed. Visit one of the gifted healers only if you are genuinely in need of healing; you will find the experience intense. However, if you have a strong connection to the element of air, you will find a home at the Uluwatu temple among tall cliffs and strong winds cleansed by the ocean.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is characterized by strong winds and an intense energy that is attributed to its powerful past — this is the area where it is believed that an asteroid struck the earth and destroyed the dinosaurs, as well as set off a long Ice Age. Visit the Temple of the Wind God, reflect as you sway in a hammock, and take a barefoot walk in the soft beach sand for best results. According to Maria Russo’s experience, “It was in this quiet space that my heart opened and found what it already knew.”

Lake Titicaca, Peru

Lake Titicaca is known as the second chakra of the earth, and widely claimed to be one of the most sacred places on the planet. At 12,300 feet about sea level, it is the largest vortex portal in South America. It sacred inspirational energy is balanced between the masculine and feminine, making it a good place for personal revelation. Be sure to visit the Salar de Uyuni salt flats for an incredible telluric cleansing experience.

Image via Hoppify