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Why You Should Make Yoga a Part of Your Daily Routine

Yoga is a great exercise that has many benefits. It has become extremely popular, especially for people who have adopted a healthy lifestyle. Because it requires a minimal amount of equipment, it is easy to find ways to fit yoga into your daily schedule including doing yoga at the office.

Yoga is great for building strength

The average person loses a quarter or more of their strength by the age of 70. Strength training regularly will improve longevity and lead to better activity in older ages. It can improve areas such as bone mass and density, balance, posture, and even mood.

If you don't have free weights or weight training equipment, this is an even better reason to do yoga regularly. Yoga is a great way to build strength without needing a lot of equipment. It incorporates strength training through using your body weight instead. Certain yoga poses, like chaturanga, plank, upward-facing dog and several others can be performed right at your office desk for a quick refresh during your afternoon slump.

Yoga can help balance your metabolism

Since yoga is a great way to build strength you will also benefit from a better and more balanced metabolism. Strength training builds muscles and muscles burn more calories than fat. Since you will be building muscles, your resting metabolic rate will be higher. You may even discover that you need to eat a little more to keep up with your new increased metabolism. Doing yoga on a daily basis will keep this increased metabolism up leading to better weight loss, more energy, and an overall healthier existence.

Improved flexibility leads to more protection from injury

Flexibility is important because the more flexible you are, the easier it is to do every day tasks. Constantly doing activities that compress the muscles (such as sitting all day at a desk) can mean that simple, quick tasks such as catching a falling object can strain your muscles and create an injury. Yoga improves flexibility so it can prevent injuries, so it is beneficial to find ways to fit yoga into your daily schedule including doing yoga at the office where you may compress your muscles the most.

Yoga is a great stress reliever

According to Dr. Natalie Nevins, a board-certified osteopathic family doctor and yoga instructor, yoga can relieve chronic stress, promote mental clarity, sharpen concentration, and center attention. Since yoga practitioners constantly focus on breathing techniques, posing, and meditation, this puts the body in a relaxed state of mind. Doing this on a regular basis can help your mind and body develop a habit of being relaxed so you won't be as affected by stress as before.



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