5 of the Safest Developing Countries to Visit

Safety is one of the most critical factors that travelers consider when traveling to developing nations. A recent global study conducted by CNN Travel asked consumers to identify the key influencing factors in their decision-making process. The primary factor was safety. The following are 5 of the safest developing countries to visit:

1. Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa with a 6.8% expected growth in 2018. Some of the factors attributed to this increase are political stability and the robust security network in the country. The homicide rates are low, police response is reliable, and the business cost of violence and crime are low.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country that’s undergoing a transition of flexible and open economic system that has been facilitated by substantial restructuring. Bulgaria has a video surveillance system in most big and middle size cities. There has been an aggressive effort by the government to include the video surveillance to sensitive zones.

3. Guatemala

Guatemala is Central America’s most diverse nation offering landscapes and experiences that have been captivating travelers for centuries. Some of the top sites to visit include the El Mirador and Tikal. Also, when in Guatemala one can be involved in activities that improve the living conditions of locals by joining initiatives aimed at that. One such initiative is the Co-Impact Sourcing program, which first finds supplier partnerships that are mutually beneficial providing sustainable jobs and steady income to developing nations in the long run, while also improving the lifestyles of the communities around the suppliers with better education and housing. Another great initiative is the Sika’abe Training Center Project which aims to break the cycle of poverty in some of the regions of Guatemala.

4. Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the safest countries benefiting from a good governance system, political stability, and an open regulatory system. Mauritius is also one of the few African nations that boast of conducting free and fair elections. It has a record of peaceful transition of power.

5. Botswana

Botswana is an ideal destination for travelers since its one of the steadiest democracies in Africa and developing states at large. Exploring the country is comfortable and safe. In Botswana, there is proper management of their public finance resulting in a budget surplus. Botswana has in the recent past worked with the International Telecommunications Union to improve their national cyber-security framework.

Although there is a common assumption the developing countries have inadequate security, it’s clear these countries are safe to travel. Developing nations are actively putting measures in place to ensure that they are secure to go. Exploring developing countries can be a fun and thrilling experience.




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