How to Relax and Find Your Zen on Long Flights

Let's face it: unless you're an aviation enthusiast, flying is probably the least enjoyable part of your trip. Increasingly packed flights, rude fellow flyers, and potential turbulence are just a few things that could zap the anticipation and excitement you feel about getting to the destination. With a few easy steps, however, you could find yourself enjoying your next flight, and even find it to be a more relaxing experience. Here are some ways to cope and find inner peace and more Zen on your next flight.


Enjoy the View

Any flight gives you access to views that are impossible from any other venue. Instead of stressing about the conditions on the plane, expand your world, at least figuratively, by taking a look out the window, and enjoying the impressive beauty of the world you're flying over. Most airlines now have onboard flight trackers to allow you to see approximately where you are, so even when above the clouds, you can get some idea of where you are and what you might be flying over. Take some time to live in the moment and be impressed with modern technology and the miracle of flight itself.



For some people, the idea of striking up a conversation with a total stranger sounds worse than jumping out of a plane without a parachute. If you're a talker and you're lucky enough to sit next to someone who shares your affection for meeting new people, your next flight could be a breeze. The trap many people fall into is assuming the person next to them wants to totally block them out. In some cases, that is true, but you never know until you try. Start out by exchanging a brief greeting, and maybe a quick discussion of the standard: "where are you headed?" Then, depending on their response, you may find out you've found your new temporary best friend at 40,000 feet.


Use Some Positive Reinforcement

If seeing the sights or chatting it up aren't your thing, then maybe using some relaxing techniques could be just the key to your voyage. Lavender is one of the most well-known relaxing essential oils, and can be used subtly on your pillowcase, backpack, eye mask, or scarf for an easier time drifting off on long flights. If you want instant relaxation, Zayat Aroma makes an amazing essential oil synergy called "Let Go", it can be used to help with anxiety, calming the mind, and helping you feel more at peace during a stressful flight.

The key with any relaxation method is getting to a point where you can focus on a relaxing activity, such as reading a book or watching a movie. For the sake of your fellow flyers, be sure not to overdo the use of essential oils. While their natural origins make them less likely to irritate other's, you're still ultimately in a sealed tube for hours at a time, inches away from the person nearest you, so anyone with even slight scent sensitivities could be negatively affected.


Whatever you find to relax you, just remind yourself that, no matter how long the flight, it is ultimately a temporary situation. Do your best to enjoy it, and when you arrive, take the time on the ground to relax, recharge, and prepare for the return trip home.