About us

About Séverine and Raphaël

Third Culture Kids based in Montreal, Canada… For now.
We grew up all over the world following our parents on different assignments from Belgium to Vietnam, with a few years in both Congos, and other dreamy places.

As such, we constantly were adapting to various cultures, learning different languages, and getting a deep understanding of respect and tolerance.

From that stemmed common passions. One of which was the Elephant. The strength and wisdom emanating from these great pachyderms. We had figurines, toys, slippers, and even a 100 kg Wenge (central African type of wood) sculpture the size of a 3 year old!

In an effort to raise funds for charities close to our hearts, we decided to launch Dreaming Elephants to share our passion through our Bohemian and Nomad lifestyle.


Raphaël -

I teach Argentine Tango, am a Drone Pilot, and carry a flame for everything science, entrepreneurship, and technology.
If you’re looking for me, I’m most likely at your nearest gym. My other obsession being powerlifting and health.
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Séverine -

I grew up a musician, became a composer and a sound engineer. Now I am in Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
If you’re looking for me, I’m most likely making my natural cleaning or beauty products, or studying natural health in general.
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